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How can I understand to renew my bed ?

We advise to renew your bed between 8 or ten years.İf your bed stained,torn or crash occured to buy the new bed is a priority .Besides if you or partner change the place to the right or left unwillingly,this is the one of the main obligation to change the old bed.Waist pains also the indicator for a new beds.

What is the warranty period for your beds ?

Our warranty period is 5 years from the delivery time.

What is your delivery time ?

Our production policy depends on customer's own request not to the standart production.So,we may supply any of your request within 7 days.Early delivery depends on the manager approval.

My partner moving too much during the sleep.Can I effected from my partner action on the new bed?

Firstly we advise you to buy big bed.To prevent such a extra action,we are using Pockect spring system which inside 800-1000 ad spring and also there are natural latex material which have cellular elasticity

Do you think that the bed may minimize sleep disorders and back pains ?

Daily life conditions inside home or in the busines loaded too much stress and fatigue to everybody. Pains,stress occurs sleep disorders at first step.OUr experiences showed that our beds minimize the waist,back pains and neck,waist hernias .

You will provide for me and my partner one bed or seperate two beds ?

As explained above,we are providing the beds for the customer requesr.We are preparing the bed in one size but shared with different division.Before designing the bed,we are learning your special conditions,which way your are sleeping,you and your partner body sizes,waist structure,your height,weight.Those information help us to offer you a ERPA comfort

My partner has some trouble and can't go out side.May you get his,her information y any of your home service ?

Yes,we have such a service to get our customer precious instructions

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In the first place, choosing the correct bed is necessary for a quality sleep. Correct bed helps to protect the natural shape of spine, however wrong choice bed pressurises muscles, nerves, vain and further causes back and lumbar pain. For this reason we believe that you choose ERPABAZA family for a better sleep.

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