Erpa Baza - Kapitone Sandıklı Puf

Quilted Puff

Product Details

* 1st class labour nad material

* Can be manufactured with special desgin on special request

* Can be manufactured with or without base

* Wide range of leather and Cloth alternatives

* It has Ergonomic view

* Whatever your dream is , will come true with us...


  • Erpa Baza
  • Altınşehir Mahallesi. Natoyolu Caddesi. Polat Sokak No 21 A/B
  • Tel:     +90 (216) 420 69 74
  • Fax:    +90 (216) 526 14 72

Erpa Baza Corporate

In the first place, choosing the correct bed is necessary for a quality sleep. Correct bed helps to protect the natural shape of spine, however wrong choice bed pressurises muscles, nerves, vain and further causes back and lumbar pain. For this reason we believe that you choose ERPABAZA family for a better sleep.

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